BizPics: Headshots for Business

5upverticalDianeJamesJoannaDavidCarolynProfessionals and jobseekers are expected to have portraits of themselves on websites and social media platforms. Authors need portraits for their book jackets. Subject experts and other media-worthy professionals need portraits for their press kits.

Portraits that work can be pricey, but The Kring Group offer great portraits at a good price.

We schedule BizPics shoot for the public approximately once per month. Participants have a variety of pictures made, which includes one outfit change and sometimes styling, then proof sheets and selected image files edited and delivered online.

Join us.
Come ready to have some fun.
The atmosphere will be part party, part portrait shoot.
Consider bringing a friend.
If you have questions, email us at

The most current shoot schedule is up on Facebook and Twitter.

Samples from past BizPics shoots are up on Facebook.

“The business portrait that Karen [Kring] made was literally the springboard for a revitalized practice image, new marketing materials, and a clear brand that truly resonates with my patients and staff. I never knew that a photograph could accomplish so much. Karen is an artist and creative genius!”

— Dr. Susan Doroshow Becker