A good portrait is worth more than 1000 words


Having a smart portrait is critical when asserting your expertise and maintaining your professional presence, online and in other media.

Photographs communicate faster and more credibly than any 1000 words can.

Professionals from a wide range of industries have come to us for portraits—school teachers, professors, journalists, authors, financial advisors, attorneys, engineers, dentists, doctors, massage therapists, advertising executives, non-profit executives, government officials, and the list goes on. No one doesn’t need a good, up-to-date portrait for work.

No matter what your profession is, you never know when a media outlet will contact you about participating in a story. They will need a portrait of you on deadline. Having one or two portraits made that communicate who you are and what you are about will pay off in the short and long term. Even if the media outlet has the budget to send out a photographer to make a picture of you, you’ll likely not have final approval of the image they publish and you’ll be inconvenienced to have to pose for them on their schedule.

Similarly, you never know when your employer will ask you to provide a portrait and want it immediately, or a conference organizer will ask you to be a presenter and need a portrait of you pronto, or an association presenting you an award need a picture of you.

Through BizPics, The Kring Group offers smart portraits at a great rate. Whether you need a studio-style headshot or an environmental portrait, we’d love to do it for you. Contact Karen Kring at KringGroup@gmail.com about setting something up.

Pictured here: Financial advisor James Brewer (top), Journalist and Media strategist Joanne Pluta Brown, Career coach David Lindgren, Public Library executive Carolyn Anthony.