Q&A for Organic Portrait shoot with Karen Kring

by Karen Kring

Where is it?
We’ll start at Creative Coworking, 922 Davis, Evanston.

What can I expect while participating in an Organic Portraits shoot?
Fun while some really lovely photos get made.

Who will be making the portraits?
Karen Kring.

What should I wear?
Wear what you feel good in. Wear what you think sends the right message.
If this were a studio shoot, I’d say it’s best not to wear all white or all black. I suggest wearing colors that bring out your eyes or an outfit that you’ve received compliment on. Avoid loud prints. But because fun is the priority, wear go loud, go black or white, or whatever.

Can get photographed in 10 outfits?
No. At this shoot we’ll only have time for two “looks”, also known as two wardrobe changes.

Will you have a stylist on hand?
No. Come pre-coiffed. The bathrooms are well lit and their mirrors are big.
The benefit of bringing a friend is they can help make sure your hair isn’t doing weird stuff, your jewelry isn’t twisted and there’s no fuzz on your outfit.

Bring a friend or loved one, if you like. (Beware: We might try to get them in a few pictures too.)

How many pictures will you take?
As many as it takes to create images that send the right message. Typically I take 20-80 frames.

Will images be delivered to me the next day?

Will images be delivered to me within the week?

How will images be delivered to me?
All the worthwhile images we make will be posted to a private online gallery on https://kringgroup.photoshelter.com/ . I’ll email the link to you. You’ll be asked to choose a few images to get additional editing.

How many images can I use?
All of them. If you’d like me to edit one or two, I can do that. You’d simply email the image’s file name and I’ll get you the finished images ASAP. Editing — toning, touching up and sizing — more than two or three will cost you $50/hr at a .5 hr minimum.