Karen Kring talks to National Public Radio’s Cheryl Corley

In episode 7 of Media Curious award-winning journalist Cheryl Corley talks about what it means to cover the Midwest and beyond for National Public Radio’s national desk, serve as one of the outlet’s criminal justice reporters, the time Chicago got “out-Chicagoed”, and other memorable stories.

Media Curious collaborators include Chicago Public Square, The Eventors, CAN TV and the lovely and talented Jane Ricciardi who through her post-production skills adds polish to each episode.

Karen Kring started Media Curious in June 2020 to help bridge the gap between the media-consuming public and “the media”. Karen believes the media, the news media specifically, tend to be individuals who’ve dedicated themselves to being a conduit for the truth, to accurately reflect facts they’ve learned while covering their beats. That said, Media Curious lets the public make up their own minds. Karen talks to news media workers about their jobs, what goes on behind the scenes in their newsrooms and their perceptions about the industry in the current era.

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Other journalists interviewed include Garrard McClendon, Dorothy Tucker, Mary Schmich, Phil Vettel, Tracy Baim and Maudlyne Ihejirika.

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